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About Our Company

Our attorneys-at-law and patent and trademark attorneys will provide legal support that is so necessary to every businessman in the implementation of business-processes of all types.
We represent interests of organizations and individuals in a wide range of issues in court – collection of debts, compensation for damages incurred, resolution of tax disputes, contestation of deals, settlement of matters in the field of corporate law, protection of intellectual property rights and many others. Our specialists are perfectly familiar with the work of judiciary system of the Russian Federation andhave the experience of participation in a significant number of court trials in courts of all levels on a vast variety of cases. By contacting us, you may be sure that your interests will be represented in court on the highest professional level that sufficiently enhances chances of a positive outcome of any case.

Our participation in a court trialmeans a high level of preparation to a trial, including collection of evidence, organization of independent expertise and other actions, directed at the protection of client’s interests.

Protection of legal interests is performed by attorneys-at-law with experience in law enforcement agencies and with at least five years of law practice as an attorney . Our specialists may take part in the protection of your interests at any stage of the process pre-investigation examination, preliminary investigation, examination in court of first and appeal instances as well as protection of interests in reviewing authority.

As practice shows, timely appeal to a professional, competent attorney-at-law may sufficiently influence a positive outcome of the whole criminal case, while several hours of delay may turn into irreversible consequences. That is why it will be useful to write down and save the number of hot-line of our company.

By contacting us, you will get assistance of not only one attorney-at-law but a whole team of professionals. Several members of the company always take part in defending clients interests, providing an effective legal support and protection.