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Computer programs and databases

Registration of programs and databases

Art. 1261 of the Civil Code of the RF (computer programs) states:

Copyrights on all kinds of computer programs (including operating systems and software packages) that may be expressed in any language and in any form, including source code and object code, are protected in the same way as copyright on the literary works. Computer programs is a set of data and commands presented in an object form, designed for functioning of computer and other computer devices for the purpose of obtaining of a particular result, including preparatory materials, obtained during the development of the program for computer and audiovisual images generated by it.

In accordance with Art. 1261 of the Civil Code of the RF (State registration of computer programs and databases) the owner is entitled to register, voluntarily, such program or such database, within the effective term of the exclusive right on the computer program or database, with the Russian IP Office.


Execution and filing of an application for registration of computer programs and Databases, record keeping till the obtaining of the certificate.

For filing the application for the registration of the computer program, DB (database) it is necessary to get:

  • information about the owner of the rights, his address (with a postal code);
  • information about the author, unless he prefers to stay anonymous, his residence address (with postal code), date of birth (this information is not needed, if the author refused to be mentioned as such);
  • the title of the program to be registered (as well as previous or alternative title);
  • year of creation of the program to be registered;
  • place and date when the program was made available to the public;
  • deposited materials that identify the work to be registered (source code in any to 70 pages), materials that identify audiovisual images, generated by a program (screen images);
  • power of attorney.

Besides this, it is necessary to compose a short annotation, in which should be specified purpose, application sphere, functional opportunities of the computer program (for example, “the program is designed for … and (can) be applied in … ) .

The program ensures fulfillment of the following functions:

Computer type; language; OS; program size: Kb or Mb;

This information will be needed for preparation of a summary.