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Official search

Conduction of official search in the database of registered and applied for registration trademarks, to reveal identical and similar marks.

Conduction of the search allows you to learn about the identical or confusingly similar marks and applications in Russia. The cost of search depends on the type of a sign (word, graphic or combined), terms of conducting of the search and number of classes of International Classification of Goods and Services, for conducted.

Now a lot of companies offer so called “express-search” in the database of registered trademarks. This base does not include trademark applications that could be opposed to your mark in a process of official examination.

We offer our clients only the official search in the Federal institute for industrial property of ROSPATENT on the base of the results of which our specialists will prepare a report for you and give recommendations in respect ofregistration of your sign as a trademark.

Trademark application

Preparation and filing of an application for a trademark and trademark prosecution until obtaining of a trademark certificate.

In accordance with Article 1477 (Trademark and service mark) an exclusive right to a trademark, i.e. a sign, that is designed to individualize goods of legal entities or private entrepreneurs is recognized, and it is confirmed by the trademark certificate.

Art. 1482 of the Civil of trademarks) states:

1. Words, graphic, three-dimensional or other signs or their combinations can be registered as trademarks in Russia.

2. Trademark can be registered in any color or color combination.

For filing have:

  1. Full name of the applicant in accordance with the Article of association.
  2. Legal address with postal code.
  3. Code of All-Russian Classifier of Businesses and Organizations (OKPO) of the organization (for Russian legal entities only).
  4. List of goods and services registration is claimed.
  5. Image of the sign in e-form or as a photo, print, etc. (10 prints 8x8 cm).
  6. Power of Attorney, (sent on request).

* For applications with request of conventional priority:
- a certified copy of the priority document (may be presented not later than 3 months from the date of filing the application);

** For applications with request of exhibition priority:
- a document, confirming participation at in an exhibition (may be presented not later than 3 months from the date of filing the application);

*** For applications for registration of a collective trademark:
- Charter of the collective trademark.

Trademark abroad

We can help you get an international registration in accordance with the Madrid system. We have partners all over the world.